Property Agent Fees in Malaysia: Buyer vs. Seller Responsibilities

Discover who pays property agent fees in Malaysia. Uncover the details on whether it’s the buyer or the seller, and make informed real estate decisions.

The real estate landscape in Malaysia involves various costs, and one significant aspect that often raises questions is the payment of property agent fees. Deciphering whether the buyer or seller bears this financial responsibility is crucial for all parties involved in a property transaction.

Buyer Responsibilities

In many cases, buyers might wonder if they have to dig into their pockets to cover the fees associated with engaging a property agent. While it’s common for sellers to enlist agents to market their properties, buyers typically enjoy the services of these professionals without incurring direct costs. However, it’s essential to remain vigilant and clarify the terms of engagement, as exceptions may exist.

Seller Responsibilities

Traditionally, property sellers are the primary entities responsible for compensating real estate agents. This fee, commonly known as the agent’s commission, is usually calculated as a percentage of the property’s selling price. It serves as an incentive for agents to secure favorable deals for sellers and ensures a fair compensation structure for their efforts.

Negotiation and Agreement

The dynamics of property agent fees can vary, and negotiations between buyers, sellers, and agents play a crucial role in determining who ultimately covers these costs. It’s advisable for both parties to communicate openly and establish clear terms in the property transaction agreement to avoid misunderstandings later on.


Understanding the dynamics of who bears the bill for property agent fees in Malaysia is integral to a transparent and smooth real estate transaction. While sellers traditionally shoulder these costs, buyers should remain informed and negotiate terms when necessary. Clarity and open communication between all parties contribute to a harmonious property buying or selling experience.

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