Government Takes Action Against Landlords Renting ‘Grave-Like’ Rooms

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The Ministry of Local Government Development is cracking down on premises owners renting dangerous, small rooms, aiming to safeguard tenants’ lives.

IPOH, 15th Oct 2023 – The Ministry of Local Government Development is set to take strong measures against landlords renting out perilous, cramped rooms referred to as ‘grave-like’ to tenants. Nga Kor Ming, the Minister, has stated that the ministry will initiate proceedings by issuing warnings to property owners who have violated regulations by renovating their properties without obtaining approval from local authorities.

The rented premises’ conditions pose severe risks to tenants’ lives, including fire hazards and mental health concerns. Minister Nga mentioned his intention to give these premises owners an opportunity to comply with the law. However, if they do not adhere to the regulations, the ministry will not hesitate to take robust action in the near future. This enforcement can be carried out under Section 79 of the Street, Drainage, and Building Act 1974 (Act 133).

A recent news report detailed the case of a shophouse in the Klang Valley. They renovated its top floor, which measured 21 meters by 6 meters, creating 38 capsule-like rooms, each a mere 3.25 square meters in size. These rooms, available for rent starting at RM300, were also accompanied by unpleasant odors.

In other developments, Minister Nga announced that the construction of the Pasir Pinji temporary market, which commenced on September 5, has a total allocation of RM1.54 million. His ministry is providing RM1 million, while the remaining RM540,000 is shared with the Ipoh City Council. The project is expected to be completed by February, and the relocation of the 178 existing traders from the Pasir Pinji Market to the temporary market will begin in March.

Nga emphasized that the over 50-year-old Pasir Pinji Market was in a state of disrepair and will undergo complete reconstruction, with full readiness anticipated by March 2026.

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