Selangor Considers Blacklisting Developers Violating Bumiputera Quota Rules

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Selangor Considers Blacklisting Developers Violating Bumiputera Quota Rules

Selangor is evaluating the option of blacklisting real estate developers who breach Bumiputera quota regulations, signalling stricter enforcement and penalties for non-compliance.

SELANGOR, 21st Nov 2023 – Selangor is exploring the option of placing real estate developers who fail to adhere to Bumiputera quota requirements on a blacklist. 

Borhan Aman Shah, the chair of the state Housing and Heritage Committee, emphasized the committee’s reliance on the Selangor State Housing blueprint to determine the Bumiputera quota percentage for each development project. 

Responding to Michelle Ng’s query during the Selangor State Legislative Assembly meeting, Borhan highlighted the issue of selling Bumiputera lots to non-Bumiputeras.

In cases where developers exceed the allocation for non-Bumiputera units or violate the Bumiputera quota criteria, the process of blanket consent or blanket approval is hindered. 

Developers, under the proposed measures, may face heightened fines and may be barred from submitting applications to the Selangor Housing and Property Board (LPHS) for the release of the Bumiputera quota.

Borhan clarified that these regulations apply throughout the approval process for changes in land use conditions and land ownership. Such sanctions will be endorsed by the state executive council (MMKN) and issued by the Selangor Land and Mines Office (PTGS).

“Developers are obligated to ensure compliance with Bumiputera quota conditions during property sales. The PTGS will scrutinize applications for blanket consent or blanket approval submitted by developers,” stated Borhan, emphasizing the importance of adherence to Bumiputera quota regulations in property transactions.

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