Revamp Your Malaysian Home: Renovation and Kitchen Extension Ideas

  • Elevate your Malaysian home with kitchen renovation and extension ideas. Discover practical tips for a functional and stylish kitchen.


Adequate storage space is essential for your kitchenware. Enhance your kitchen’s storage by installing cabinets and cupboards with more compartments, providing ample room for your pots, pans, and dishes. Consider consolidating these cabinets and cupboards in a single location to save space and make items more accessible.


Introduce an island counter or an L-shaped counter to separate your living room and kitchen while facilitating interaction with friends or family as you prepare your special fruit cake. When not in use for cooking, a counter also serves as a convenient space for your kids to do homework in an open setting.

Sliding Doors:

To create a distinction between the wet kitchen and the dry kitchen, consider installing a glass sliding door. This glass door allows you to observe cooking activities while preventing cooking odors from infiltrating the living room. Sliding doors are space-efficient, ensuring maximum space utilization if you decide to expand your kitchen.


When contemplating a kitchen renovation for your Malaysian home, ensure that ample natural light floods the kitchen area. Achieve this by incorporating larger or additional windows into the space. Natural lighting is particularly beneficial for food photography.

Kitchen Backsplash:

Given that kitchen backsplashes are prone to grease buildup, especially with frequent cooking, opt for tiles that are easy to clean and do not trap grease and dirt. Look for tiles with a smooth surface and minimal gaps between them. Various kitchen backsplash tile designs are available in Malaysia, but prioritize easy grease removal.

Wine Glass Rack:

Consider adding a wine glass rack as a decorative element in your kitchen. It adds a touch of elegance, especially when positioned above the counter. This rack simplifies access to wine glasses when enjoying beverages with friends or family.

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