Ensuring Safety in Malaysia’s Tourism Trends: Glamping, Camping, and More

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Malaysia’s tourism trends like glamping, camping, caravans, B&B, and Airbnb must prioritise safety and security, including updating outdated accommodations.

KUALA LUMPUR, 27 Sep 2023 – Emerging tourism trends in Malaysia, including glamping, camping, caravans, bed and breakfast (B&B), and Airbnb, are being urged to give top priority to the safety and security of guests.

Moreover, established accommodations that have not kept pace with evolving safety and security standards are being encouraged to upgrade to meet international norms.

To safeguard both tourists and industry players, an ongoing study seeks to enhance the standardisation of the tourism sector, with a focus on improving outdated safety guidelines for accommodations.

The Ministry of Tourism, Arts, and Culture (Motac) underscores the objective of fostering a sustainable tourism industry, recognizing its substantial contribution to the national economy.

“Currently, many accommodation providers have insurance coverage, including fire protection and more. However, there are instances where operators lack insurance coverage. This presents a risk not only to the operators but also to the tourists or visitors staying at their establishments.

“As the tourism industry continues to flourish, issues related to insurance coverage demand serious attention. Consequently, the new guidelines will provide clear instructions for tourism industry operators and their guests, ensuring the safety and interests of both parties,” Motac emphasized in a statement.

Previously, the Tourism Licensing and Enforcement Division (BPPP) and other relevant agencies were directed to conduct a comprehensive study. This involved reviewing guidelines for short-term rental accommodations to align with evolving tourism trends.

“In light of numerous public complaints and challenges encountered by tourists related to their accommodations, this is the opportune moment to ensure that platforms, particularly Airbnb, are registered within the bounds of the law and in compliance with pertinent guidelines and regulations.

“This move is crucial because the platform is perceived as having the potential for conflicts between tourists and local residents during their stays. These conflicts can often arise due to differences in rest times between residents and tourists,” the statement highlighted.

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