Real Estate Emerges as a Global Currency, says Juwai IQI Economist

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“Juwai IQI’s Shan Saeed highlights Malaysia’s macroeconomic stability, strategic location, skilled workforce, and strong government policies as factors making it a safe haven for investors.”

KUALA LUMPUR, 31th May 2024 – Real estate is emerging as a new global currency in the anticipated post-pandemic stagflation, according to Juwai IQI chief economist Shan Saeed.

“Production cuts, geopolitical risks, supply constraints, and China’s market reentry are influencing this shift. Investors are reverting to tangible assets such as real estate, gold, silver, oil and gas, and agriculture,” Shan stated at the Juwai IQI International Convention 2024 on Wednesday, May 29.

He added that Malaysia is expected to continue being a safe haven for investors due to its macroeconomic stability, strategic location, productive workforce, and investor confidence in government policy frameworks.

Amid the housing market stagnation in 2023, the global real estate agency achieved remarkable success, surpassing US$3 billion (approximately RM14.12 billion) in sales. Representatives from 20 of IQI’s 23 international branches attended the conference, gathering 4,000 delegates from across the globe.

Juwai IQI co-founder and group CEO Kashif Ansari highlighted the firm’s extensive property listings valued at over US$4 trillion and its innovative super-app, Atlas, emphasizing their commitment to excellence in all facets of the real estate industry.

During the convention, awards were presented in 10 different categories, complementing the 15 categories awarded in a previous ceremony. In total, IQI honored over 548 top-performing agents.

IQI Global co-founder and group managing director Daniel Ho noted that the impact of geopolitics is significant as the group aims to develop global agents.

“It’s about collaboration and integrating various components such as data, vendors, developers, clients, regulators, government agencies, and communities to create exponential value.

“Our commitment to technology and relentless drive has established us as a strong force in the industry,” Ho stated.

The conference primarily explored the future of the real estate industry, examining economic and geopolitical trends, and emphasized the need for real estate agents to become “digital realtors” by utilizing technological tools like artificial intelligence (AI) and social media to expand their reach.

IQI Holdings Sdn Bhd Group Vice President Dave Chong advised realtors to enhance their use of AI by mastering prompt engineering: “You need to know how to ask the right questions for AI to provide the right answers.”

Shan added, “Investors should consider which asset class they want to enter, the risk-to-reward ratio, their investor profile, and their exit strategy. These questions help investors make more sophisticated and informed choices.”

The conference also featured Gopi Ganesalingam, Head of Digital Exports at Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).

The convention also featured the signing of a second memorandum of understanding between Juwai IQI and EdgeProp. This marks a new phase in their strategic partnership, focused on advancing data-driven technologies in the real estate industry.

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